Direct Hire

Recruiting for full-time employees can be a very costly, time-consuming and risky undertaking with no guarantees. Team Staffing's professional recruiters can source, screen and present the best candidates to your organization for your review.

Temporary Employees

We provide you with qualified and tested candidates, pay the hourly wages to employees, and handle all other responsibilities such as weekly pay checks, withholding taxes, and workers' compensation. We only bill you for the hours worked. We are able to provide workers on short notice, but if you prefer, can provide several candidates for you to interview if your selection process requires in-depth interviewing and screening.


Many of our clients like to prescreen full-time workers. Temp-to-hire allows you to get the benefit of immediately filling a position without the costs associated with advertising, screening and interviewing unqualified applicants.

The temp-to-hire concept is an option identical to that of a Temporary Employee except your business hires the employee and assumes employment-related costs only after you have had an opportunity to evaluate the employee's on-the-job performance. We can provide this service for candidates you have selected yourself as well.


Our payrolling service allows you to send candidates of your choice to us and we assume the role of employer of record.

You continue to maintain control of who you hire while we administer the weekly paychecks, file mandatory employment taxes and maintain workers' compensation insurance. This is especially useful if you want to use retirees who are receiving retirement benefits or utilize students during the summer months.

On-site Management

Team Staffing Solutions provides a staff member right where you need one - on-site at your facility to manage time-keeping, orientation, and facility tours for your workforce of temporary workers. This representative will also coordinate all communication between his or her branch office and your management team.