"Our production schedule is very fluid and Team Staffing has taken steps to ensure that they have a labor pool available to meet our daily demands. I can say without hesitation that Team Staffing not only meets our daily needs, but as we look to the future, will rely on Team Staffing as a strategic growth partner."

Human Resources Manager Fortune 500 Company

"We have found the Team Staffing organization to be credible and always 'above board' in our day-to-day business relationships."

Human Resources Manager

"They {Team Staffing} have always been quick to react to our needs in a professional way on a short-term or long-term basis and have addressed special needs as they arise."

General Manager

"While consumed with running our company, Team Staffing has helped 'relieve' the burden of having to search for good temporary labor. They always step up to the plate in terms of providing candidates of high quality and on-time placement of necessary personnel."

Human Resources Manager

"Team Staffing is one of the few organizations that we have found to 'walk the talk'."

Human Resources Manager Fortune 1000 Company